American Flats

The American Flats, Gold and Silver Processing Mill is an abandoned multi-story mill building that has not been in operation since 1956. Surrounded by fences, all that remains of the building now is a hollow husk or concrete covered in graftee.

The Building is surrounded on all sides by a 10 ft. chain-link fence, but holes dot the fence, mostly form local young people who use the area for parties and a remote hangout spot. Local Police patrol the area infrequently, but do not often go past the main gate.

Gate House
At the entrance just off the road stands the only wooden structure on the property. A lonely gatehouse that has all of it's windows broken out.
Main Building
The main
The Celler
This location is known to only a few urban explorers. A large plywood board at the back of the main building covers the cement stair entrance to a maze of concrete corridors and rooms beneath the old mill.

Adventure Hoots

Lost One in the Celler
Someone may hear someone moving around within the Celler, or hear moaning coming from the building above. Those who investigated would discover a man hiding, who seems to be traumatized and dying. They are holding a board with strange circles drawn in a red ink and writing or unknown origin down the sides. On closer look the language is Germanic and reads "Awaken them, and face your fear. Overcome them and persevere. Be strong, your reward is near" His other hand holds what looks to be dice carved from some kind of bone. This gameboard awakens creatures who attack the dice roller - 1 Hawks, 2 Wolf, 3 Dog, 4 snakes, 5 bees, 6 worms, 7 locust, 8 squirles, 9 cats, 10 flies, 11 other people, 12 the dead. Should the player defeating the thing that attacks them will se it volmit out a small gold coin, with a mask carved into on both sides.
Nighttime Attack
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