For a town with a population of only 6,481, Noble has a surprising amount of cemeteries. There are 8 total cemeteries within the city, each with a unique style. Additionally small family plots can be found at various homes in the area.

List of Cemeteries

Cider Grove Cemetery
Located adjacent to downtown noble. Cider Grove houses many of the most historic and wealthy family plots of all the Noble Cemeteries.
Cold Oak Cemetery
Ghost sightings in this haunted cemetery date back to the 1880's. Ghosts of pioneers are believed to be the cause of the blue globes of light that float over the graves. These light displays most typically appear around 3 in the morning.
Thompson Elm
The Thompson Elm cemetery is a beautiful cemetery located on the outskirts. It features huge trees and spacious plots.
Known by very few residents, the Bautista Cemetery is the most historic of cemerteries in Noble. The newest of plots dates back to 1904. Only covering about 2 acres of space the plots are encroched on all sides by a thick pine forest. Iron and stone fencing surrounds the cemetery on all sides.
Timberline Cemetery
Located south of Noble on Hwy 77. This is a fairly large cemetery with several internal roads dividing it into sections.
Rock Creek Road Cemetery
Blackburn Cemetery
Warren Cemetery