Moore Medical Center

The Moore Medical Center was established in 1951 and was built to be one of the most advanced hospitals in the country. Local business leader and philanthropist Sydney Grimlett personally oversaw the construction and recruited top physicians from across the country.

Inside Locations:

Boiler Room
This large room holds all the heating equipment for the hospital. Behind a false wall at the back is a small room. Inside the room is clearly lived in, containing a bed, several personal items, and a trunk full of clothes. Along the wall farthest for the bed is a small wiccan type alter.
Fallout Shelter
Built during the height of the cold war, the Medical Center's Fallout shelter was built to hold up to 300 people. In more recent years the shelter has fallen into disrepair and become a long tern storage facility for disused parts. Althrough the strong foundation would still serve for great protection for any incident, the air filtration system has rusted and will no longer pump air into the facility.