Residents Of Noble

Full List of the Residents of Noble

Ashley A. Williams
Student, Highschool. Soccer Player and athlete.
Barry C. Washington
Student, Highschool. Smooth acting and fast talking high:school senior.
Bryan Payne
Twin brother of Dean, Bryan is also athletic, but less of a jerk.
Charles F. Valentine
Student, Highschool. Class President and Jake:of:all:trades. Charles is the only son of the upper:class Valentine family.
Cheryl Hillis
English teacher at Noble High School.
Dean Payne
Student, Highschool. Twin brother of Bryan. Dean is a football jock and is considered the class bully.
Dixie Odell
Social Studies teacher at Noble High School.
Elizabeth J. Vierra
Student, Highschool. Over:weight girl, she is called by some of the class “Planet Liz”. She keeps to herself, but can be very confrontational in some situations.
Ellen Powell
Secretary at Noble High School.
Everett R. Barr
Student, Highschool. nut:bag survivalist. Likes hiking and rock climbing.
Frank Solomon
Principle of Noble High School, now in his 6th year.
Gary Hayes
Mayor of Noble. Can typically be found at his office in city hall, located in Downtown. Mr. Hayes is always in political mode, and always friendly. He is ex-military.
Jeff Allen
Math teacher at Noble High School.
Joe Albright
Science teacher at Noble High School.
Joe Starsky
Local cop, in:charge of missing persons. He's young, and quick to judge people.
Kathy Hallmark
Principle of Katherine I. Daily Elementary School
Kim Jones
Spanish teacher at Noble High School.
Lloyd L. Pal
Meg Crossley
Art teacher at Noble High School.
Mike Barefoot
Current Asst. Principle of Noble High School.
Molly Macnameria
Ray Crawley
History teacher at Noble High School.
Ruby Smith
Student, Highschool. Ruby is the perfect embodiment of the typical cliche prep. She thinks she's perfect, thinks she has brains and beauty and thinks everyone absolutely adores her. She even has the cliche blonde:hair.
Sam Macnameria
Sophia Evans
Student, Noble High School. (will be lost after first game.)
Will Westwood
Student, Highschool. likeable con:artist. Will is constantly in trouble at school.

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