Riley Park

The City of Noble obtained an eleven-acre parcel of land at 1400 S. Main Street in the 1960s largely through the efforts of long time Planning Commissioner, Mr. Slim Riley. The tract was expanded by a Recreational Trail Grant in 2003 to include one mile of lighted asphalt walking trails, a large covered picnic pavilion, restrooms, park benches, picnic tables and barbeque pits and paved parking. This renovated park which has some of the largest trees in Noble and is traversed by Berry Creek and unusual topography has become a source of pride for the community and is well used day and night.

Riley Park is one of two important historical sites in Noble. The abandoned Santa Fe Railroad Bridge located at the far west end of the park was part of the original railroad built in 1887. This railroad facilitated the land run of 1889 when Noble was founded. Eventually the tracks were moved farther to the west and this site was abandoned. The original stone and brickwork are still in place to showcase the construction styles of the late 1800s.