Roosevelt Asylum


History: The Roosevelt Asylum was a top mental institution in the area and had residents from all across the country admitted for it's cutting edge treatment. Most residents came from Oklahoma City.

Most of Roosevelt's notoriety came from it Chief of Staff, Franklin Cooper. Dr. Cooper was noted to be a tedious researcher, who worked all the time.

The Asylum closed in 1972 after a violent patient riot, that killed 12 patients and 3 staff, including Chief of Staff Franklin Cooper, and injuring many more. The police combed the building, but never recovered several of the bodies. Fire damage and bad press cause the asylum to never re-open.

Secret History: Dr. Cooper is secretly responsible for the '72 riot. Cooper was preforming secret test on the patients in order to release tension and stress by putting them in a state of heightened rage. Cooper's rage testing was done in a hidden lab in the basement of the Asylum.

Current: The Asylum has become something of a legend in the town of Noble, reportedly anyone spending the night at the main building will be driven insane. The south wing - where the riot took place - is locked and chained.

Locations Inside

Room 142: Looks like any other old patient room but her they will find Dr. Cooper's note book, it details the experiments and talks about his hidden lab in the basement.

Basement: Very typical basement they will find a bowler room, but a search will find a secret door to the lab.

Lab: Hidden inside it the body of Dr. Cooper the team will find that he has been layed out on a table and a ritual has been preformed to bring him back. His ghost protects the body and will cause fear effects as well as his main power of causing insanity in anyone near him. The group can kill him by destroying his body.