Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a type of quartz which exhibits a pale pink to rose red hue.

Nobel is one of the only locations on earth that Rose Quartz can be found in abundance, making it the Rose Quartz capital of the world. In 1968, the rose rock was officially adopted as Oklahoma’s State Rock. In May 1984, Governor George Nigh declared Noble the Rose Rock Capital of the World. In honor of this designation, Noble sets aside the first weekend in May to celebrate its annual Rose Rock Music Festival. The event, sponsored by the Noble Chamber of Commerce, brings visitors from all over Oklahoma and beyond to celebrate with Noble.

Magic Properties

Rose Quartz acts as a focus of energy, especially magic, and absorbs and amplifies the magic in various ways. This amplification is often chaotic in nature, unless applied with exact skill. The result of this is that the quartz highly effects areas with strange events; from weather phenomena to awakening dormant powers in normal humans.

Rose Quartz Around Noble

Rose Quartz can be found all over noble, even as simply as digging in ones yard can turn up large chunks. There are several locations to find stones in large amounts.

The Rose Quartz Museum
A museum located near downtown.
City Hall
The steps of city hall feature a large sculpture made entirely from rose quartz.