Welcome to Noble, OK

Noble OK is a setting for any modern dark table top campaign.

The world has been design to work with any system. The open setting should allow for anything from Magic to superheros. The original design is for a Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) style setting.

Introduction to Noble

Noble, Oklahoma has the distinction of being the "Rose Rock Capital of the World", but Nobel is also a town touched by lots of troubles. What most do not know is the core of this trouble is Rose Quartz a type of quartz that can only be found in the near under the town; it pops out of yards and decorates the houses. The true power of the quartz is only known by a few but the stone is a powerful magic focus that amplifies and focuses magical energy. It is because of this that the has become one of the most highly active magical sites on earth. The quartz is hard to control and the energy if emits is chaotic, in some it will grant what seems like super powers - in others it may awaken dormant energies. The call of the power also attracts otherworldly creatures and people, from vampires to magi.